UVC Disinfection LED Module For Air Surface Sterilization

UVC Disinfection LED Module For Air Surface Sterilization

265~278nm UVC disinfectin LED module

UVC LED module features for air & surface purification

  1. Input DC24v, voltage can be customized

  2. Beam angle 60 degree, disinfection effect is much better than normal 120 degree UVC chip

  3. Size of the UVC module is customized 

  4. Each UVC chip is 15mw, not regular 2-4mw of most UVC products in market, much better disinfection effect

  5. Wavelength 265~278nm as below


What is the UVC radiation of UVC LED module , see video below: 

If you need higher power UVC radiation,click here:

60°beam angle UVC Led chip :

Every UVC LED chip with transparent round lens, which means higher UVC density, stronger bactericidal effect.

                      beam angle

                        Beam angles


How much time needed for disinfetion ?

It depends on size of the sterilization area, please provide so our engineer can give solutions.

Here are the study we have today for some bacterias disinfection time and UVC irridation dose needed .   

  Examples of results of UV Exposure for microorganisms

How UV light kills viruses and bacteria

Bacteria are one-celled organisms that can be found naturally throughout our bodies and in our environment. Viruses are smaller than bacteria and they attach themselves to another living cell and use that cells' genetic material to reproduce themselves.

Well known dangerous bacteria are Salmonellae, Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) or E.coli. Most viruses cause disease, such as COVID-19, the flue, common cold, AIDS, chicken pox and much more.

While bacteria and viruses are clearly different, both have a very common attribute, they have genetic material (DNA).

Sunburns, that we have to protect from when out in the sun, happen because UV light damages the DNA. This is exactly why UV light kills all viruses and bacteria, it damages their DNA3.


Will the UVC module work on the coronavirus?

While COVID-19 is a new virus the major difference to others is that people do not have immunity to it as of yet. Exposed to UV light the COVID-19 will die just like any other virus. Studies on both SARS4 and MERS proved that UV light inactivates viruses, so it’s almost certain it will have a similar effect on COVID-19.

265~275nm UVC LED bar module product parameters:



 per meter

Power Consumption


PCB Size









Double Copper PCB  240*40mm

Our UVC LED module size(mm) :



UVC LED module irradiation distance and optical power density 


UVC disinfection module irradiation area


UVC LED module optical power density at different irradiation distance


Before sterilization VS after sterilization: UVC led modules can kill 99.9% of the virus with 30sec.


Our UVC moudles have CE, RoHS, and FCC certificates. 


If you need a clearer picture of the certificate, please click here.

Sterilization Test Report from GuangDong Detection Center of Microbiology:

test report_

Rigid UVC module pictures

             UVC disinfection LED module

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