Sterilization UVC LED Strips 60leds 12v

Sterilization UVC LED Strips 60leds 12v

UV-C LED lights have shown great promise in providing effective sterilization and disinfection of surfaces.This is due to the way in which the DNA and RNA molecules react to these wavelengths, rendering the pathogens sterile and unable to reproduce.

Product Detail Description

(1) 60 pcs UVC LED chip Per meter 

(2) Good stability, CE & RoHS approved 

(3) Flexible PCB 3oz thickness 

(4) Genuine 3M tape or good heat dissipation function blue tape 

(5) DC12v input, safe installation

Sterilization UVC LED Strips

disinfection led uvc strip

UVC LED Strip size

UVC led strip size

UVC LED chip information

UVC led chip


The sterilization rate of UVC LED Strips at 10cm for certain virus as below:



We also offer UVC strip light with quartz lens, which emits more UVC doesage( 1522μw/cm²)than UVC strip light without lens does(758μw/cm²). The test data for UVC 60leds 12v strip light with quartz lens is as below, 

   60leds without quartz lense                     VS                     60leds with quartz lense          

image                    image

                                            UVC test comparition after.                                                                                         uvc 12v with lens__  

UVC Germicidal Strip Test Report

(authorized by GUANGDONG DETECTION CENTER OF MICROBILOGY, which is authoritative testing institute in China)


Ultraviolet energy is categorized by wavelength, and is broken down into the following types:

UV-A: 315-400 nm

UV-B: 280-315 nm

UV-C: 100-280 nm


Why Does it Have to be UV-C?

The reason it is absolutely critical that the correct wavelength of ultraviolet is used for germicidal applications is due to the mechanism through which the pathogen becomes deactivated. DNA and RNA are the building blocks of life, including microscopic organisms and pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and molds. Without this genetic material, pathogens are unable to reproduce, eventually leading to the death of an infectious colony. 

DNA under UVC

UVC radiation from our sun is blocked by the atmosphere so no living organism, including people, have protection from it. It is as dangerous to viruses as to humans and so Sterilization UVC LED Strips must be deployed with great care. Tiny doses can damage the skin or eyes. UVC  lamps will never achieve the widespread use required to fight a pandemic. 

UVA radiation is present in daylight, people are exposed to it every day outside in the sunlight. There is a natural protection and many ways to increase it further. Viruses and bacteria are microorganisms and their protection is substantially weaker. 

UV absorbed by ozone layer (1) 


    1. Surface Sterilization    2. Water purification    3. Air purification

UVC applications


1. Don't look directly at and get close to the UVC Light source,it is harmful for eyes and human skin.

2. Please read the product instructions carefully before the product is installed and used;

3. The power output must be DC12V;

4. The product is lightly put, to avoid damage to the product, please hand over to professionals to install and repair, maintenance;

5. When wiring must cut off the external power supply, to prevent people from touching or damage the strip, the product must be installed after the installation before powering;

6. When using external power cords outdoors, it is necessary to take measures to waterproof and leak water;

7. It is forbidden to press the surface of the LED;

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