Germicidal UVC LED 30leds 12v 265nm 275nm

Germicidal UVC LED 30leds 12v 265nm 275nm

Germicidal UVC LED 30leds 12v

Detail Descirption:

Item No.: STSN-30UVC3535-12 

Light Source: UVC LED chip 

Input Voltage: DC12V 

Power Consumption: 16W/m 

Wavelength: 265~278nm 

Dimensions: 1000mm*10mm 

Beam angle: 120 degree Radiant Flux 150mw/m

Germicidal UVC LED 30leds 12v


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UVC LED Strip Light Brief Introduction 

Germicidal UVC LED 30leds 12v Irradiation

technological statistics...

technological statistics.

How Does UVC Kill Bacteria?

Ultraviolet rays can be divided into UV-A, UV-B, UV-C according to the length of wavelength, and the energy level gradually increases. Generally, the UV-C band is used for disinfection and sterilization. The UV wavelength of 365-405 nm is commonly used for the fluorescent detection of currency detection lamp and biological imprint, which belongs to the UV-A range.

Ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 200-300 nm will be strongly absorbed by RNA and DNA in bacteria or viruses, causing the base pairs in RNA and DNA to break up and recombine, and then lead to the direct death of viruses, bacteria and some fungi, or loss of toxicity due to their inability to reproduce and replicate. Simply put, ultraviolet rays kill cells and viruses by "smashing" the genetic material in them. Because the wavelength of visible light is too long to reach the level of breaking the chemical bond between base pairs, so it can not play such a role.



Special attention!

1. Ultraviolet lamp, please don't look directly at the light source with naked eyes! Please wear special goggles when testing!

2. Please read the product manual carefully before installation and use;

3. The power output must be DC12V;

4. This product is light and easy to place. In order to avoid damaging the product, please send it to the professional for installation, repair and maintenance;

5. Please understand the label on the lamp package when wiring;

6 when the external power supply must be cut off for wiring, in order to prevent personnel from touching or damaging the lamp, the product must be installed before power on after installation;

7. When the external power line is used outdoors, waterproof and water leakage measures should be taken;

8 Do not press the LED surface;

9. It is forbidden to use any adhesive of acid or alkaline type to contact with this product;

How to protect yourself while use UVC strip?

1. People, animals and plants must leave the scene during ultraviolet disinfection.

2. Do not stare at the ultraviolet disinfection lamp for a long time. Ultraviolet rays have certain damage to human skin and mucous membranes. When using ultraviolet disinfection lamps, pay attention to protection. Don’t look directly at the ultraviolet light source, otherwise the eyes will be harmed.

3. After ultraviolet disinfection, remember to ventilate for 30 minutes before entering the room.

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