Disinfection UVC LED Module DC5v DC12v 265nm 254nm

Disinfection UVC LED Module DC5v DC12v 265nm 254nm

Disinfection UVC LED module DC5v DC12v 265nm 254nm

Disinfection UVC LED module DC5v DC12v 265nm 254nm:



 per meter

Power Consumption


PCB Size









Double Copper PCB  200*12mm


Disinfection UVC LED module DC5v DC12v 265nm 254nm::

1. LED chip 265~ 278nm for bacterial sterilization . 
2.Customized voltage , length and width. 
3.Customized Ultraviolet UVC LED chip  5mw 10mw 15mw and 20mw. 
4.Voltage from DC5v to DC24v 
5.Customized connector.
6. Quite good heat dissipation aluminium PCB
7.Viewing Angle : 120° 

8.UVC LED chip from Tanwan, good quality, long lifespan 10000 hours.

Customized UVC LED bar for surface sterilization:

UVC LED moduleSterilization module light

UVC disinfection module light

DC5v ~ DC24v sterilization UVC module size

Sterilization UVC lamp size

Attention please

1) Storage • To avoid moisture penetration, we recommend storing products in a dry box with a desiccant. The recommended temperature and Relative humidity are between 5℃ and 30℃ and below 50% respectively. • Products must be stored properly to maintain the device. If the products are stored for 3 months or more after being shipped from SVC, a sealed container with a nitrogen atmosphere should be used for storage. • Prolonged exposure to moisture can adversely affect the proper functioning of the Products. • Keep the products away from the kid 

2) Handling Precautions • VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) emitted from materials used in the construction of fixtures can penetrate products and discolor them when exposed to heat and photonic energy. The result can be a significant loss of light output from the fixture. Knowledge of the properties of the materials selected to be used in the construction of fixtures can help prevent these issues. • In case of using the products, do not use adhesives that outgas organic vapor. • Please do not use together with the materials containing Sulfur. • Please do not assemble in conditions of high moisture and/or oxidizing gas such as Cl, H2S,NH3,SO2,NOX,etc. • Do not apply mechanical force or excess vibration during the cooling process to normal temperature after soldering. • Do not use inflammable material nearby the products. • Do not touch the products with wet hand • Do not fix or remodel the products. • Do not drop the machine, or give strong impact on the products. • Cover needs to be handled carefully as below – Avoid touching cover parts especially with sharp tools such as pincettes(Tweezers) – Avoid leaving fingerprints Cover parts. – Cover will attract dust so use covered containers for storage. – It is not recommend to cover of the Lamp with other materials (epoxy, urethane, etc)


3) Safety for eyes and skin • The Products emit high intensity ultraviolet light which can make your eyes and skin harmful, So do not look directly into the UV light and wear protective equipment during operation. 

4) Operation • The module should be operated under the given forward voltage and current. When the module is operated in the excessive voltage or current conditions, the LEDs mounted on the product could be burned out. • This module is not allowed to be used in any type of fluid such as water, oil, organic solvent , etc

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