60 Degree Lens UVC LED Strip Light 20mw Each LED

60 Degree Lens UVC LED Strip Light 20mw Each LED

265~278nm UVC 30leds DC20~28V sterilization LED strip

UVC LED Strip Light for Disinfection 265~278nm 24V


How do We Test UVC?

We use the LS126C UVC ultraviolet radiation meter for measurement, which is a special instrument for measuring the intensity of ultraviolet rays. Its spectral response range is 230nm-280nm, and the peak wavelength is 254nm.

When using the instrument for testing, the following two standards must be observed:

1. You must turn on the UV lamp for 5 minutes to test, because the UV intensity of the lamp is relatively stable after 5 minutes of turning on the UV light.

2. Place the instrument at 1m in the vertical direction under the UV lamp for measurement.  Click here to know more.


Item No.


Light Source

UVC LED chip

Input Voltage

Power Consumption






Beam angle

60 degree

Radiant Flux



Product Detail Description

1. 30 UVC LED chips per meter

2. Good stability, passed FCC, CE, RoHS certification

3.  Flexible PCB 3oz thickness

4. Genuine 3M tape and blue tape with good heat dissipation function

5. DC20~28v input, safe installation

UVC LED Strip size:   Unit:mm


UVC LED chip details



Germicidal test report of UVC LED strip

uvc test report

Certificates display:


Sterilization effect comparison: 

 60 Degree:                                                                                                             120 Degree:

optical power density 60 degree VSoptical power density 120 degree                                              

irradiation area 60degreeVSirradiation area 120degree

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1. Surface Disinfection

2. Water sanitization

3. Air purification


1.Q: Why use UV sterilization?

   A: Since the 20th century, ultraviolet sterilization has been used to disinfect objects such as water and work surfaces. Ultraviolet light has a shorter wavelength than visible light, and can penetrate and destroy the body of viruses and bacteria.

2. Q: Where can UV be used?

    A: UV sterilization can be used as a supplementary infection control strategy in almost any situation, such as sterilizing water and work surfaces as described above, the efficiency of sterilization also allows other dedicated spaces to be used.

3. Q: How to use ultraviolet light?

    A: The installation of ultraviolet equipment such as ultraviolet lamps and lights on the top of the room and other circulation areas can disinfect the moving air, thereby improving the air quality and the efficiency of ultraviolet disinfection.

How to protect yourself from the UVC rays:






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