365nm 360nm UV Led Strip

Ultraviolet A (UVA) has a wavelength of 320~400nm. The wavelength of this ultraviolet lamp is 360nm, 365nm. It is a UVA lamp and has a wide range of uses.

UVA LED strip Basic introduction:


UV LED strip 365nm 360nm for ink and glue curing printing

uv led strip

 led light

Ultraviolet led strip (black led strip) features:


1. Power can choose 12v and 24v.


2. The led strip's PCB width is 10mm,length could be customized.


3. Self-adhesive:Peel off the adhesive and stick it on the surface of the object.


4..We provide IP20, IP65 for your choice.

5.UVA LED Strips installed on aluminum profiles can achieve the best heat dissipation effect.

6.Cut the black lights and connect them with wires, which will not affect the rest of the LED lights


UVA strip light application


Mainly Used in glue curing, PCB exposure, printing and other industrial fields, and mosquito trap, nail art, anti-counterfeiting detection, photocatalyst purification.



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