24v Germicidal UVC LED Strip

UVC LED strip is designed for sterilization and disinfection applications.UVC sterilization and disinfection effectively kills a wide range of viruses, bacteria and molds in water, air, or on surfaces.

Product Detail Description 

1.18 pcs/meter, 

2.Excellent stability, CE & RoHS approved 

3.Flexible PCB 3oz thickness, 

4.Genuine 3M tape or good heat dissipation function blue tape 

5.DC 24 voltage input , safe installation

Disinfection UVC LED Strip

Disinfection UVC LED StripDisinfection UVC LED StripDisinfection UVC LED Strip

UVC LED strip size

UVC Size

UVC LED chip data

uvc chip informationchip information

Disinfection UVC LED Strip Application 

UVC disinfection is applicable for healthcare equipment and facility sterilization, water and sewage treatment and household disinfection.

uvc led applications


1.Please do not look directly at the UV lamp light source with naked eyes! Please wear special goggles when testing!
2. Before installing and using the product, please read the product description carefully
3. It is forbidden to press the LED surface or use any acidic or alkaline adhesives in contact with this product.

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