1mm 1.5mm Untra Thinnest LED Strip Light

1mm 1.5mm Untra Thinnest LED Strip Light

1.5mm wide flexible LED strip light

Ultra thin flexible LED strip light product introduction:

1mm 1.5mm 2mm 2.5mm 3mm width PCB flexible strip light


1.5mm very thin flexible led strip light product parameters:



 per meter

Power Consumption


PCB Size









Double Copper PCB  2000*1.5mm


Ultra thin flexible LED strip product details

1. 1.5mm width designed, we supply 2.5mm , 3mm and 4mm also

2. High quality slim LED chip

3. Super bright  Epistar led chip, high intensity and reliability.

4. DC3v DC12v DC24v input are all available .

5. CE Certificated and RoHS compliant,

6. Colors: Warm White/Nature White/Cold White.

7. Dimmable by using dimmer controller.

8.2. Long life span 50,000 hours

2.5mm wide strip light

1.5mm width strip light

1.5mm tape light slim ultra thin

2.5mm vs 1.5mm ultra thin flexible tape light

We have both colorful thinnest strip light and white ultra thin LED strip light for options.

2mm wide strip lighting




To this day,Newes Industrail continues to cultivate and revolutionize the lighting industry with its expertise in LED lighting.

Our goal will always  be to supply quality energy-saving products to our customers.

Our company aims to be a customer-centered company and dedicated to helping clients save energy and resources by:

-Creating energy savings with our LED lighting products.

-Supplying products superior in all areas of performance,including longer lifespans,durability,and light quality,etc.

-Providing a user-friendly and enjoyable shopping experience,including easy installation and timely technical support.

-Creating a highly interactive community where LED light products users can share and gain valuable information.

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