IR Infrared LED Strip 850nm 940nm

IR Infrared LED Strip 850nm 940nm

Infrared LED 940nm & 850nm is widely used for CCTV camera.

What is infrared light?

The electromagnetic spectrum spans a wide range of wavelengths from very short wavelength and highly energetic gamma rays to very long wavelength and low-energy radio waves. The visible part of the spectrum is only a small portion. Infrared light is the same as the light that we can see except that the wavelength is longer and outside the range that our eyes can sense.

Human eye sensitivity to infrared light

The human eye can see light wavelengths of about 380nm to 700nm. Human eyes cannot see light above 700nm in the infrared spectrum (IR Light). When directly observing a high-power IR LED light source, the possible "near infrared" wavelength is closer to visible light (700nm to 900nm), which may appear as a reddish glow. However, even in the near-infrared spectrum, the human eye cannot see infrared light.


Infrared LED strip introduction:

Infrared LED 940nm & 850nm is widely used for CCTV camera.


Product parameters:




 per meter

Power Consumption


PCB Size









Double Copper PCB    5000*8/10mm






Double Copper PCB    5000*8/10mm

Infra-red LED strip features: 

1. LED Chip: 3 chips in one LED, high quality SMD 5050

2. Beam Angle: 120 degree

3. DIY
Can be cut and connectable, you can create your own DIY product with this soft light strip. With the provided connecting clip, you can connect them according to your specific lighting needs.
4. Safe to Touch
Operating on 12V DC; it has excellent heat dissipation and is safe to touch.
5. Easy to Install
With double sided tape on the reverse, it can be easily secured in the mounting surface.
6. Durable
By adopting qualified FPC circuit board and LEDs, the strip has excellent heat dissipation, making it much more durable. 


Infrared lights


2835 Infrared lights 850nm Spectrum Diagram

image image

2835 Infrared lights 940nm Spectrum Diagram



1. When you use the light bar for the first time, you may smell some odors. Just keep it for a few days and the smell will disappear.

2. The adhesive is strong and firm, and can adhere well to the prepared surface.

3. Please ensure that the installation surface is clean. Then it will fix the tape. We recommend that you clean the surface with alcohol before using the tape.

4. The working voltage is 12V and the heat is very low. This light strip is touchable and safe.

5. The infrared led strip is an excellent choice for surveillance or security, multi-touch display, night light, etc.

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