Adjustable Rotating Stadium Light

Adjustable Rotating Stadium Light

600w LED stadium floodlight

Adjustable rotating stadium light 600w Product parameters:



LED brand

Philips SMD3030 736pcs

Philips SMD5050 184pcs

Light efficiency



Power consumption


Input voltage


Power factor


LED power brand


Protection level


Beam angle

20°/40°/60° 90°140*100°

Service life

50,000 hours

Product warranty

5 years

Aluminium material

1060 pure aluminium

Product size


Package size






 Product Details

1. Adjustable rotating stadium light, 8°/20°/40°/60° /90°/140*100°

2. Import Philips LED lamp beads, Light efficiency>165LM/W;

3. Using fins 1060 pure aluminum heat , air convection design, Better heat dissipation, heat sink 0.5mm;

4. Use 304 stainless steel screws;

5. Internal wiring is waterproof, safe, and convenient;

6.  Refined iron phosphide bracket;

7. Meanwell ELG or HLG driver;

8. Independent power box design to support more power, which is beneficial to Light body heat dissipation, reducing light decay and prolonging service life.

Different beam angles for option:

Different Beam angle

1060 pure aluminium , better heat dissipation and lighter, easy for installation.

Light weight sports lighting

Withstand wind

Install our High Power 1000W Area LED High Mast Light Can withstand hurricanes of 51.0-56.0m/s.

Withstand wind ability

LED stadium lights aging test:

Aging test of football case lights

Adjustable rotating stadium light application

Gas Station,StadiumHall, Square, Parking Lot, advertising lighting,Gym Football Field, Garden,Highway lighting,golf course, airport, Public place etc.

Rotating Sports lighting application

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