The Following Suggestions Are Put Forward To Improve The Heat Dissipation Level Of LED Lamps

The Following Suggestions Are Put Forward To Improve The Heat Dissipation Level Of LED Lamps

Date:Nov 15, 2018

1), from the LED chip, to adopt a new structure, new technology, improve the thermal resistance of LED chip junction temperature, as well as the heat resistance of other materials, so that the heat dissipation conditions required to reduce.

2), reduce the thermal resistance of LED devices, the use of new packaging structure, new technology, the selection of thermal conductivity, good heat resistance of new materials, including metal bonding materials, fluorescent powder mixing glue, etc., so that thermal resistance ≤10℃/w or lower. 3), reduce heating, as far as possible to use good thermal conductivity of the heat dissipation materials, in the design requires a better ventilation orifice, so that the residual heat as soon as possible scattered out, the requirements of heating should be less than 30 ℃.

In addition, improving the heat dissipation level of modular lamps should be mentioned on the schedule.

4), there are many ways to dissipate heat, such as the use of thermal catheters, of course, very good, but to consider the cost factors, in the design should consider cost-effective issues. In addition, the design of LED lamps in addition to improve the efficiency of lamps, light distribution requirements, beautiful appearance, to improve the level of heat dissipation, the use of good thermal conductivity materials, there are reports that the heat sink coated with certain nanomaterials, its thermal conductivity increased by 30%.

In addition, to have better mechanical properties and sealing, heat dissipation body should also be dustproof, the need for LED lamps temperature rise should be less than 30 ℃.

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