New Heat Dissipation Problems Of LED Lamps

New Heat Dissipation Problems Of LED Lamps

Date:Nov 01, 2018

With the development of LED lighting products, there are two new technologies: first, in order to increase the luminous flux of a single tube, inject a larger current density, as mentioned below, so that the chip produces more heat, need to dissipate heat.

Second, the packaging of the new structure, with the increase in the power of LED light source, the need for a number of power LED chip set package together, such as cob structure, modular lamps, etc., will produce more heat, the need for more effective heat dissipation structure and measures, which also put forward a new subject for heat dissipation, otherwise it will greatly affect the performance and life of At present, the total heat dissipation efficiency of LED lamps is only 50%, and there is a lot of electrical energy to become hot.

Secondly, led large current density and modular lamps and so on will produce more concentrated residual heat, the need for good heat dissipation.

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