Development Of Neon Status

Development Of Neon Status

Date:Jun 05, 2018

Neon market Mixed, there is a business license to undertake engineering units only accounted for 30% of the market, such units have a separate design, production, installation capacity, good reputation, product quality clearance, post-maintenance in place, is the user's preferred unit.

The second category, no business license attached to other units, this kind of "unit" professional is not strong, product quality is not guaranteed, late maintenance is not in place.

The third category, leather Bag company, without any documents, credibility and ability, hit a shot for a place, product quality and late maintenance is not at all. Neon lights is a relatively strong industry, formal units of good product quality, long life. But it is the second and third types of companies that disrupt the neon market, giving users the feeling that neon lights are easy to break.

In fact, neon life is longer than the fluorescent lamp, for your benefit, please choose a licensed, capable, reputable unit.

In the past, neon manufacturing enterprises almost all with ordinary glass tubes, ordinary electrodes, with the improvement of people's requirements for products, high lead glass tubes, ceramic ring electrodes, three basic color powder tubes, gradient rainbow neon lights are becoming more and more extensive towards people's lives, so that people's lives more exciting, bright. Because neon tubes are usually made of glass! The production is relatively complex and has brittle disadvantages! As a result of the use of high-voltage transformers: Often to the surrounding communications equipment has a certain degree of interference. In today's technologically advanced. The use of multi-color led gradually replaced.

In comparison, more energy-efficient installation is more convenient.

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