Damage To LED Luminaires Caused By Transient Overcurrent

Damage To LED Luminaires Caused By Transient Overcurrent

Date:Oct 10, 2018

Transient overcurrent event refers to the current flowing through the LED exceeds the maximum rated current in the LED technical data manual, which may be due to the direct generation of high current or indirect generation, such as transient lightning strikes, switching power supply transient switching noise, power grid fluctuations and other overvoltage events caused by overcurrent. These events are transient and have a very short duration, which we usually refer to as spikes, such as "current spikes" and "voltage spikes".

Transient overcurrent events are also included when the LED is plugged in, or when the transient overcurrent is electrically plugged in.

For LED lighting in cars, Iso7637-2 's transient load surge impact is an important threat to its normal operation. The failure mode of the LED after the overcurrent shock is not fixed, but usually causes the weld line to be damaged, as shown in Figure 1. This damage is usually caused by a large transient overcurrent.

In addition to causing the weld line to burn, it can also cause damage to other parts close to the weld line, such as sealing materials.

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