About LED Luminaires Addition Blending Color

About LED Luminaires Addition Blending Color

Date:Dec 31, 2018

LED lamps use a number of light sources to obtain a variety of color and strength. For the Performing arts lighting industry, the addition of mixed colors has been a cliché. Over the years, it has not been easy for practitioners to control the same area of the sky curtain using a luminaire with a color filter. The first intelligent luminaire used by the author is a spotlight with 3 MR16 light sources, each with a red, green and blue color filter. In the early days, this type of luminaire had only 3 DMX512 control channels and no independent strength control channels. So it's hard to keep the color constant during the dimming process. In general, computer lamp programmers also set up an "extinction to change color" to easily extinguish the luminaire.

Of course, there is a better way, which is no longer listed here.

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