What is pixel tape?

Date:Mar 30, 2021


Pixel tape is a flexible circuit board with colored, addressable surface mount (SMD) light emitting diodes (LED) on it. Flexible circuit boards usually have adhesive backing to facilitate quick and easy installation.


Unlike standard RGB tape, each LED has its own chip, which can be controlled to respond separately (for example: change color, turn off, etc.). Pixel tape can still do everything standard RGB tape can do... nothing more.


Design system

Although we are mainly focusing on pixel bands here, if we at least don't mention pixel points, it will not become an ENTTEC. When it comes to dots and tape, both products are easy to install and share a certain degree of functionality, so which one should you choose?

The answer will depend on the application you intend to use and the available space in which to create the application. Please consider the following:

Advantages of using tape

• Continuous and stable light

• light

• Occupies less than a point of physical space

• Easy to make under the diffuser

•Suitable for temporary installation with a small budget


Advantages of point of use

•IP rating is higher than tape

• More visually appealing

• Greater light output

•Sturdy structure: sturdy and durable

• No need for squeezing or thermal management issues

• Can be installed into almost any possible shape

• A variety of designs to choose from


No matter which method you decide to choose, you should carefully consider some basic principles before starting a project.


First of all, remember that each item is unique. The pixel product you want to buy will depend on many factors, including (but not limited to) aesthetics, environment, and space availability. Therefore, before handing over hard-earned cash, please carefully consider the following:


• What kind of aesthetics is required for the project?

•Where will the LED tape be placed?

• What type of surface or inside should LED tape be placed on?

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