Pixel LED strip and regular RGB LED strip difference

Date:May 14, 2019

Main difference

Pixel LED strip can be controlled through digital LED controller which is not possible to regular LED strip.

To pixel LED strip , if 60leds/m SMD5050 RGB WS2812B IC, each LED could be individually controlled namely each LED can illuminate different color at the same moment. Then generate 60 different colors,

To regular RGB LED strip, if 60leds/m SMD5050 RGB, this 60RGB LED can only change one color namely each LED illuminate the same color at the same moment. Only one color, then only generate one color the same time.

Difference RGB and addressable strip light



Controller difference

For RGB strip light ,just connect to LED strip's “R” “G” “B” to controller's "R" "G" "B"

RGB controllerControll RGB

For digital LED strip, there is data and clock channel, it is different, please see picture below. There are a lot more different controllers for addressable LED strip. For some digital strip there is only data channel such as WS2811, WS2812B, SM16703..... for other addressable strip , there are both data and clock wire such as APA102, WS2801, SK9822.....

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