LED Light Environment

Date:Aug 15, 2018

LED lighting apparatus consists of LED light source, electrical accessories and appliances, it uses semiconductor luminescent devices as light source, with small size, long life, low energy consumption, instantaneous start, color rich and so on, is a kind of environmental protection and energy saving cold light source.

In recent years, the United States, Japan and Europe and other developed countries and government organizations in led Luminescence invested a large number of human and material organization development and research, so that led light source technology has been greatly improved, power has reached 3~5 W, so that led light source for ordinary lighting is possible. In order to improve the practicality of LED light source, and in the actual lighting engineering application to provide lighting effect visibility and ornamental. LED has been more and more used in signal identification lighting, road traffic lights, buildings in the induction lights and outline of the façade lighting, city squares, gardens, walking streets of the garden lighting multi-color lighting, are the use of ultra-high brightness led produced, its excellent energy-saving characteristics and extremely long service life,

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