Introduction to LED Lamp belt

Date:Aug 23, 2018

Lamp belt, is the abbreviation of LED lamp belt, most people say when not used to nouns too long, so the front of the led to omit, directly called the lamp belt.

In this way, the name of the lamp belt also contains a lot of the previous large second line, large three lines, round second line and so on directly with wire connection led without FPC or PCB old-fashioned lamp belt, of course, also contains flexible lamp belt and hard lamp belt. LED Strip. This is the English name of the LED light belt.

Strip's explanation in Yahoo translation is "strip", the explanation in Google translation is "strips", but LED lights in foreign customers in the mouth of the noun is led Strip Flex LED Strip. This is the English name of the flexible LED light belt. Flex's interpretation of Google Translate is "flexible", but the explanation in Yahoo translation has become a "conductive line."

But foreign customers say the flex LED strip is what we all call the flexible LED light belt in our country. LED Light Bar. This is the English noun for LED light strips.

The interpretation of light bar in Yahoo translation is "Ribbon", but the interpretation of Google Translate has become "in view of the bar."

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