How to connect and install WS2811 digital LED strip bar light

Date:Jun 19, 2019

When you walk on the street ,go shopping at shopping mall, you may see amazing landscape lighting effect, some of there are made by WS2811 bar light that can generate amazing visual effect with pixel LED controller.

Simple lighting effect we make, please see picture below with WS2811 LED strip:

What is WS2811 LED strip ? It has 3 lines , one is positive polar , one is negative line and data line which needs to be connected to the LED controller.

WS2811 LED strip

Pixel LED bar JST wires


Insert addressable digital WS2811 LED strip into the aluminium profile to make it pixel WS2811 rigid digital bar light, see what is inside the aluminium rigid bar below:

WS2811 Strip + ALWS2811 Strip + AL

Rigid WS2811 LED bar light

Connect all these pixel bar lights in series ,

 Digital WS2811 LED

Connect the programmable bar’s data line to LED controller’s data port.

There are several ways to control the addressable rigid bar lights,

1. Controller default programs, usually there are 100+ inside

2. If you need surprised visual impact, then need customized programs with SD card, the first step is to write programs on the complication software.

3. If need customized and vivid colorful complicated lighting effect, could be controlled by  Madrix software on computer.

Connected to LED controller


Connect programmable pixel bar lights to LED power supply, please make sure the positive polar to LED driver’s “V+” and pixel bar’s negative line to LED driver’s “V-”

 Connected to LED driver

Turn on the lighting system of WS2811 LED strip light bar , then you will get amazing impact! If need help , please feel free to contact Suntech team for help.

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