How to calculate uvc irradiance?

Date:Jan 07, 2021

Ultraviolet sterilization can achieve reliable sterilization effect only by irradiating ultraviolet rays. It can not only disinfect pathogenic microorganisms that cause human infectious diseases and health problems, but also be effective against various bacteria and viruses (including new coronaviruses), with a sterilization effect of 99.99% and a fast speed.


Many universities, research institutes and companies are studying UV sterilization. But do you know how to calculate the total UV irradiance required? Please look down.

The method used to measure (total light intensity or ultraviolet irradiation intensity) of ultraviolet bactericidal effect is to calculate light intensity (illuminance) and total irradiation time (irradiation time).

Namely: total irradiation intensity = ultraviolet dose × irradiation time

On the one hand, the longer the irradiation time, the greater the total light intensity, so the sterilization effect is enhanced. On the other hand, if the irradiation time is short, a stronger UV dose will be required to achieve sufficient sterilization.

For example: 30leds 24v UVC LED strip light designed by Suntech LED;

With an ultraviolet dose of 150µW/cm² and a disinfection time of 123s, it can complete the air purification requirements of general indoor ventilation equipment of 184.5 J/m².

Namely: 150µW/cm²×123s=184.5 J/m²


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