Application of neon lights

Date:Aug 01, 2018

In the modern urban people's fashion concept, the combination of scenery and light rhyme. The arrangement of light is strong and weak and the natural environment space structure, the use of hidden-dew, inhibition-young, fully reflects the traditional culture of the oriental civilization atmosphere, reproduces the dialectical relationship of the humanistic atmosphere, increases the change of space, and forms the night scene effect of moving to change the scene. Scientific scenery and light need to be analyzed and understood, landscape lighting needs appreciation and taste, art needs to ponder and understand. Landscape lighting art must be through light and lighting, in order to produce the vitality of life.

Lighting can change the appearance of the environment, artistic lighting and color, constitute a dynamic and static landscape of light, sound, color, but also show the landscape garden lamps sketch, sculpture, fashion, to the natural environment embellishment. Neon lights is a traditional light source, a cold cathode of low-pressure gas glow discharge tube, built-in with filament electrode, by high-pressure bombardment to produce cold electron emission, excitation arc discharge, so that the tube gas atoms exposed to radiation luminescence. With the passage of time, the neon technology situation has made great progress, the treatment of the electron tube by the new vacuum technology has enhanced its accuracy and consistency, and the life span has reached five H. Neon lighting circuit components of the breakdown and operating voltage are very high, neon technician because of experienced, know how to safely install and use it, the selection of lower open circuit voltage grade transformer, as far as possible to shorten the length of the wire, the use of high-quality insulation materials, to take protective devices with the progress of neon technology, the use of microelectronic technology design to achieve Through the microprocessor to control the brightness of three base lamp changes, not only the neon light control, but also digital dimming mixed color, resulting in ever-changing, colorful colors, greatly enhance the rendering effect of neon lights, improve the flexibility of neon lights and high reliability. Neon lights are now standard design, manufacture, installation, but also to achieve the same attractive landscape effect as LEDs.

Neon lights also have visual impact and artistic appeal, in a unique way and shape to reflect the human pursuit of life beauty of the enjoyment of art, through the Moonlight, starlight and lights to reproduce the natural or cultural landscape of the day, to reproduce the night landscape effect.

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