Mini Addressable RGB LED Neon

Size 4*10 Mini RGB neon light

Brief introduction of SK6812:

SK6812 is a controlled LED light source in a group of intelligent control circuit and light-emitting circuit. The appearance is the same as the 5050 LED chip, and each element is a pixel. Intelligent digital interface data latch signal shaping amplifier circuit, power supply circuit, built-in constant current circuit, high-precision RC oscillator contains the pixels, the output is driven by the patented PWM technology, effectively ensuring the high consistency of the pixel color of the lights.

SideView4*10(mm) Mini Addressable RGB LED Neon



 per meter

Power Consumption


Neon Tube Size





Addressable RGB SK6812





Features of SK6812 Pixel Mini RGB neon Flex:

1. Easy to Programmable.

2. Even light source with invisible light dots.

3. Extremely flat profile for slimline projects.

4. Each LED can be cut dowm.

5. High IP rating (IP65).

6. Environmentally friendly & energy efficient.


Ultra Thin addressable neon lights information:

Mini RGB neon flex info 1

Mini RGB neon light flex info 2

4*10mm SK6812 Digital RGB LED Side View Neon Flex Details


Mini RGB neon flex 2

Mini RGB neon flex 3

Addressable Flexible LED Neon Rope accessories:



How to install Mini RGB addressable LED neon flex 4x10:

How to install neon tube

Constant Current Ultra Thin Pixel RGB LED Neon Flex  4x10mm



Applications of Mini Addressable RGB SK6812 LED Neon Strip light


We accept customization, feel free to Contact Us if any questions.


CE certificate LED stripRoHS certificate LED strip

4*10mm Mini SK6812 pixel Mini RGB neon strip light  effect display


Controller system for mini small addressable neon lights :

DMX neon lights controller

Art-net controller system for DMX LED neon flex 

Art-net controller ST802RA

ST802RA LED controller

Artnet controller system master controller

Art-net control online:

Artnet online control

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