Far UVC 222nm LED Tube Light

Far UVC 222nm LED Tube Light

222nm Excimer tube ITEMS 10w size of bulb: 15mm(diameter) * 115mm(length) 15w size of bulb: 15mm(diameter) * 206mm(length) 20w size of bulb: 28mm(diameter) * 120mm(length) 40w size of bulb: 28mm(diameter) * 205mm(length) 60w size of bulb: 19mm(diameter) * 589mm(length) 100w size of bulb:...

222nm Excimer tube 

222nm tube222nm



10w     size of bulb: 15mm(diameter) * 115mm(length)   

15w     size of bulb: 15mm(diameter) * 206mm(length)   

20w     size of bulb: 28mm(diameter) * 120mm(length)   

40w     size of bulb: 28mm(diameter) * 205mm(length)    

60w     size of bulb: 19mm(diameter) * 589mm(length) 

100w   size of bulb: 40mm(diameter) * 450mm(length) 

150w   size of bulb: 40mm(diameter) * 457mm(length) 

Output voltage of the adapter: 22~28DC, generally 24v is available.

222nm tube module


Driver for 100w tube


20w Far UVC 222nm Tube Light Operating Test

40w Far UVC 222nm Tube Light Operating Test


Why choose far uvc light 222nm?

Ultraviolet rays (light with a wavelength between 100 and 400 nanometers) have well-known disinfection properties. Most UV disinfection systems use germicidal lamps with a wavelength of 240nm-280nm. Unfortunately, exposure to 254nm UVC light can also cause damage to human skin and eyes. However, recently published research shows that 222nm ultraviolet light has the same sterilization ability as 254, 265 and 275nm without damaging the skin or eyes. Studies have shown that this may be due to the reduced penetration depth of the shorter 222 nm UV wavelength (called Far-UV, 200 to 235 nm) in living tissue compared to 254, 265 and 275 nm light.

Although the impact on living tissues has been weakened, far ultraviolet light (the most common 222 nm light) has a higher efficacy in killing bacteria and viruses. Far uvc light 222 nm is safer and more effective than the existing 250 to 280 nm UVC system. Its main advantage includes reduced UV damage to the skin and eyes. In other words, It cannot penetrate the surface of human skin or the outermost layer of our eyes, but they are still in the best position to effectively neutralize pathogens in the air and on the surface.


 Far UVC Light Lamp Parameters


UVC Light 222nm Wavelength


Far UVC light 222nm Applications


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