Individually Controlled LED Strip DC12v

Individually Controlled LED Strip DC12v

WS2815 LED strip 144 pixels.

Product introduction:

DC12v Individually controlled LED strip 144 pixels WS2815


Digital RGB WS2815 strip light product parameters:


IC Qty per meter


 per meter

Power Consumption


PCB Size






Addressable RGB




Double Copper PCB  5000*12mm


Individually Controlled DC12v WS2815 LED strip product details

1. WS2815 is DC12V power supply drived,one IC with one led,each individually addressable controlled

2. WS2815 strip light has 4pin wires, two wires connected to power supply,the other two wires are data lines. Because of two data lines, even one LED is damaged, the signal can still pass through.

3.WS2815 IC:PWM 2KHz/m, Data transmit up to 800kbps, 256 grayscale effect

4.You can design many different  lighting effects or animations you want.

5.High brightness RGB SMD5050 LED chip, long lifespan 3000 hours.




Why choose Suntech as your WS2815 individually controlled DC12v pixel LED strip supplier ?

Strict Quality Control
We have a strict quality control system from raw material to finished 12v Addressable Led Strip  .Each step must pass strict inspection, strive to produce superior products:

1.Incoming Raw Material Inspection
Comparing incoming raw material and sealed sample in terms of class, quality grade, technical data, ensuring the consistency with purchasing requirements, thus guarantee the ensuing manufactured product fulfilling customers’ requirements.

2.Led Drying
12v Addressable Led Strip will absorb humidity when exposed to air, which requires 24H drying before SMD.

3.Light-on Test after SMD
After pasting of leds onto the PCB board, each strip panels will be powered to see if any insufficient soldering, slanted leds, and dead leds, if yes, they have to be repaired until qualified; if no, then flowing to the next stream.

4.Light-on and beating test
12v Addressable Led Strip after SMD (0.5M) should be soldered to 5M roll, after which they have to be lighted again to check if any dead leds, and together with beating test to see if leds fixed tight on pcb board

5.Aging Test
Finished 12v Addressable Led Strip must undergo at least 8 hours’ aging test 100%

6.Light-on test of finished product
Finished 12v Addressable Led Strip, before packing, must be lighted again after aging to check if any dead leds.

7.Pre-shipment Inspection
Proofing finished product with customers’ requirements again before shipment, to ensure the consistency of products with customers' needs.

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